Friday, October 2, 2009

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Swatches (Pic HEAVY)

Why hello there... I'm BAACCK! Sorry for the LONG hiatus, I wasn't getting any LOVE (readers/comments/followers etc.) and I've had the runs all week, so I decided to take a short break.

Anyway, I have been DYING to buy some loose pigments... so I did a lil research and concluded that I should try the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Pigments. Since I'm asian, I waited until these were on sale, 20% off and free shipping at And since these things were so freaking cheap ($1.50 per 10gram bottle) I decided to buy every single color! :0D

First of all, if you guys have not tried NYX cosmetics, you SHOULD... asap! NYX is a low-end drugstore brand sold at Ulta, perfume shops, and online. Many of the eyeshadows, lipglosses, and lipsticks are said to be comparable to higher-end brands such as MAC and are extremely pigmented.

I ultimately decided to get these particular pigments because they are dirt cheap. My friend and I split the cost of the pigments and divided them evenly into clear plastic bead containers that we bought at Joann fabrics.

Total, I spent $15 on all 30 colors and $4 for the bead container. :0D hehehehe DEFINITELY BEATS BUYING ONE MAC PIGMENT.

For all of you curious people, here are swatches and photos of each color. :0P``` (i apologize in advance for the horrible picture quality - bad lighting and bad camera)

You can thank me later (CLICK CLICK for big picture):Tools that I used - UDPP and pigments

No Flash


True Purple Pearl

Orange Zest Pearl

Turquoise Pearl

Baby Blue Pearl

Ocean Blue Pearl

Space Pearl

Ultra Pearl

Very Pink Pearl

Jade Pearl

Green Pearl

Lime Pearl

White Pearl

Purple Pearl

Penny Pearl

Orange Pearl

Sky Pink Pearl

Rust Pearl
Fanta Pearl

Baby Pink Pearl
Oro Pearl (I don't know why it looks orange but it's a true GOLD in real life)

Nude Pearl

Mink Pearl

Yellow Gold Pearl

Yellow Pearl


Walnut Pearl

Mocha Pearl

Silver Pearl

Charcoal Pearl

Black Pearl


I also ordered a NYX round lipgloss and 3 round lipsticks.
NYX Pinky Natural round lipgloss, honey-snow white-harmonica round lipsticks

Swatches (without flash) With flash (i think)
Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. Some of the colors are more pigmented than others and the consistency of each color is VERY different. If you like super shimmery colors then I would definitely recommend these.
My only complaint is the messiness of the pigments. They aren't true pigments like MAC pigments, they have a consistency of a soft powder (think flour). Some of the colors are SO deeply pigmented that you don't need to use a primer, while others are so sheer, that they only give off a hint of color... with or without a primer. :0)
For the price, I'm definitely NOT complaining. Buy here OR here, the 2nd site is cheaper.
So that's it for this post. TOOK FOREVER! Anyway, let me know what else you want me to blog about (in that lil chat box to the right) ---------------------------->
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Anonymous said...

i am debating on trying the nyx ultra pearl....your swatch really helped. you are so pretty.

thank you

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